Thursday, July 16, 2009

and the me stuff

Had a great shoulder workout tonight. Was flying solo as Lisa was tied up til she had a client at 6:30. Sometimes I enjoy lifting alone, nothing but me and the Ipod blaring away. :)
Did 4 sets of 15 on my exercises. DB Presses, standing side laterals, candlesticks (front raises with the db turned up and down), rev pec dec and some db shrugs. I love training shoulders! I've always wanted those nice round ones and I think I am getting pretty darn close! Tomorrow is arms, which is another of my favorites to train.

Diet has been dead on. Revisions will be coming to it when Pete finishes up with USA's next weekend. Until then I will coast along on the program he has lined out. Its more important that he focus his energy on his goal and bring his best package to that stage. I'm very excited for him and can't wait to see pictures from the show. From what I hear there will be over 400 competitors...Can you say LOTS OF STINKY PROTAN! Just watch where you sit on the toilets in Vegas ladies as you may end up with a brown butt!

Cardio has been dead on as well. I took a different spin class last night and Jessica was very good! It was a good hour class. Today I split it up and did half in the am then the remaining after my shoulder workout.

Weight is holding 140. Goal....120ish. Most likely will be back into the middle weights as I think I have too much size to drop down a class. It'll be what it will be, just gonna plug along and see what it'll be day of weigh ins.

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