Wednesday, July 8, 2009

7.08.09 Wednesday Happy HUMP Day!

Friends should be the ones listening to your secrets, not the ones that hurt your feelings without knowing. Friends should be the ones that keep all your secrets, not those who spread it all around.

Today I had originally planned to take the day off from lifting and do the 6:45pm spin class, but am taken the entire day off of any training. About 8:30 last night I started getting chills, turned the ac up to 80 in the apt and still wanted to be wrapped up in a blanket. Any desire to finish Tami's suit went right out the window cuz I only wanted to lay on the floor and do nothing. By the time I went to lay in bed I was running 102. Achy all over, couldn't get comfortable to save my life, if the middle of my back wasn't hurting it would be my lower back. A totally wtf night for me. Pamprin was to the rescue and I finally fell asleep at 4:30. My smart ass sister sent a text..."swine flu".

This am had to do some stuff for the uneployment office. Had to take a class on how to use their website...hmm, didn't realize it was that difficult to use.

Really need to take some progress pics.

Off to lay on the couch.

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