Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday the 15th

This past weekend I spent over in Houston with Patricia going to the Branch Warren Classic in the am, then with my friend from high school Ronnette to the Astros game. Had alot of fun. There was no gym on Saturday what so ever.

Sunday got up and did my cardio. Did an hour on the elliptical with a stinky body odor person one over from where I was. Kept hoping my coffee would mask the smell but it didn't. Late that afternoon went back and trained legs with Lisa. She was hating me after that one. Wasn't difficult, just that she hadn't trained legs in two weeks. just some SLDL, laying curls, seated curls, squats and ext supersetted with rev lunges. all 4sets of 20

Monday trained chest:
incline presses, flat db presses, incline flyes, cable cross overs and pec dec. all 3 sets of 12 to 15
cardio was another spin class that lasted MAYBE 30 mins. She sucks, I could have taught the class. This teacher is making it to where I do not want to take her class due to it being so boring. Because it was so short, I had to finsih up my cardio for the day on the stairmill so I was sure to burn the number of calories Pete is wanting me to do daily.

Tuesday I went to Houston and trained legs with John Sherman. This time No turning green!! :) I think at times he is trying to seriously kill me or see how much he can push me before I say no. I don't think I would say no...I'll go down kicking and screaming all the way to the very end!

Weight wise its still the same, but I can tell in how my clothes fit that I am getting leaner. It makes me think I may not hit that lt weight class. If not, its ok, I haven't had LBM checked so I am not sure where that is, but I would have to est probably around 112 or so. Middle Weight sounds more realistic at this point. That's only 15lbs to drop in a lil over 18 weeks. But honestly I'd like to hit around the low 120's. It"ll be what it will be.

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