Sunday, July 5, 2009

Woke up this am and got my cardio all finished for the day. Gym was closed all day yesterday due to the Holiday. Took right at 50 mins to get what I needed to do done. While in the middle of it my GF texted wanting to know if I still wanted to go see "My Sister's Keeper". She literally gave me 30 mins to get home, shower, dress and eat before we had to go! Very sad movie, but yet very good, there were several points that we were both shedding tears in the movie. Mostly because her Mother had passed away from Cancer 13 years ago and she could relate to alot of the movie.

Bruce and I went to see the fireworks at Riverfront Park last night. Honestly it had been years since I have been to watch any fireworks. While living in Houston, I could see the ones being done in RiverOaks right off my apartment balcony, so I would watch them from there. :)

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