Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reshape the Nation

Last night while I was flipping channels trying to fall asleep, I ran across a documentary on TLC called "630lb Virgin" It was a story on David Smith and the battle he had been living with since a young child, not only a battle with food but one of abuse as well. This documentary had me in tears. If David can lose over 400lbs by proper nutrition and exercise, it just shows it can be done. You just have to take the first steps. Baby steps before big leaps.

This is the comment I left on their blog ( )

David and Chris,
I caught ya’lls documentary on TLC last night while flipping channels in bed. All I can say is AWESOME work! You two literally had me in tears. Myself I am not overweight, I actually compete in bodybuilding, so I know the fun of diet, cardio and discipline along with the hard work that is required to reach a goal. What my struggle is is that I have an older sister that is extremely over weight, but is not at the point in her life to change how she lives. She had lapband surgery several years ago, dropped 100lbs, but had medical problems due to the band and has put that weight back on along with more. Her weight like David was is merely lack of knowledge in how to eat properly and how to get her body moving. It saddens me to hear her say that people will stare at her should she go to the gym to do cardio, what she doesn’t realize is..we don’t stare, we see it as an inspiration that she is doing something to better her life and her health. Any type of cardio, be it walking outside in the morning, around the house several times, or even in your back yard is a start.
When she is ready to take those steps and wants to know more, I will be here for her, but until then I try not to push as I know it has the reverse effect.

You two are unto something great. I wish you both much success in your endeavors. Thank you for sharing David’s story and thank you for being such a HUGE inspiration to so many people that think they can not lose weight without surgery.

Healthy living is a way of life. Its a lifestyle.

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