Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday the 13th....

I'm stealing this from Pete's site...I thought it was very good and worth having here. His website is
I'll be updating my workouts and such later today. I really do need to go work on my suit orders before anything else.

Regarding our crazy sport...many don't understand why we do it...and that's ok...

Bodybuilding is a beautiful sport. Testing your own personal limits of strength, endurance, and determination to achieve your own personal "perfection" - that is the essence of what we do. As much as we call it a competitive sport, in truth, the toughest opponent is one's own self.
"Can I stick to my rigid nutritional regimen?"
"Did I put all I had into my training and prep for this show?"
"Did I push myself through all of my planned cardio sessions?"
"Did I follow through with controlling my lifestyle to allow me sufficient growth and recovery to be my best?"
"Was I uncompromising and focused on my goal, yet without appearing selfish to those around me?"
"When I look in the mirror, can I honestly say, I have left no stone unturned in my own journey to becoming the best I can be?"

At its finest, the concept of "sport" does not get much more real than the athletic pursuit of bodybuilding. And, as a an allegory for life, we could all take a lesson from the pages of the Bodybuilder's Guidebook to Success:

Honesty, (The Brutal Truth), Discipline, Respect, Integrity.

These core values will guide a bodybuilder to success.

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