Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And so we are on Tuesday!

I'm gonna have to update for Monday and today. Today won't have a whole lot because Lisa and I both didn't feel like training, so we figured a little something was better than nothing at all!

Diet: Dead on.
Weight: 143 (this likes to go up and down whenever it feels like it, so piss on the weight. LOL)
Cardio: 50 mins on the Elliptical in the morning at a level 8 to 10. I also took the new spin class in the evening which was 45 mins long. Very very easy compared to the classes in Houston. I could have totally taught a better class. There is NO AC in the spin room at all, so you know it was like an oven in there...but hey...we don't need ac!! As Howard use to say...."AC is a privilege and you have to earn it!!"
Workout Chest and tri's. basically I have been doing everything in 3 sets of 12, a few may be 4. Leg days will always be 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps.
Incline DB presses: 35, 42.5, 45, 47.5
low cable cross overs: 20,30,30 (I suck ass at these, as the weight shows it)
HS flat presses: 45
pec dec: 40,60, 70
We only did two tri exercises
overhead db ext: 40,55,55
vbar pressdown: 40,60,60

Diet: dead on
Weight 141 (down 2! woot woot)
Cardio: elliptical for 50 mins level 8-10 cardio is always down in long pants and a long sleeve shirt
and our mini workout: back/bi's
one arm cable rows: 50, 60, 60, 70
Vbar pulldowns: 80,90,100
WG Chins: 130 then a drop set of however many reps we could do for three drops
21's: at 40 (very light for me)
straight bar cable curls: 50,60,70

Tomorrow will be off day from lifting, have an early am appt so will be taken the spin class in the pm for my cardio.

OH!!!!!!!!! I got this CUTE Lunch tote for when I need to take my food with me!!